Digital Marketing Strategy: Burberry connects to a New Generation

Burberry connects to a new GenerationBurberry wins ‘best omni channel experience’ retailer due to an obvious and dedicated investment (60% of marketing) into customer experience particularly with regard to digital technologies. As a British luxury brand with $4,342 million brand value, Burberry achieves its great success thanks to its digital strategies. It is always the earlier mover in luxury industry based on digital marketing. In 2005, Burberry set a goal: to be the first fully digital brand that could connect with anyone that touches their brand. They wish clients to live the experience, to get the same feel of the brand to be consistent through every channel.

Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry


“We live by what we believe not but what we see.”

Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry


  • As a piece of larger puzzle

The basic aim of using digital media is to be part of the marketing strategy in corporation level. It is used to integrate marketing activities throughout online channels. These social media support almost all other touchpoints of the brand: events, campaigns, customer service, and etc. Thanks to the network effect and eWOM (electronic word-of-mouth), the information can be spread easily and quickly.As a piece of larger puzzle

  • Interactive Communication

Engagement between clients/customers and brand is important, especially for luxury brands since the status of luxury is not about the good quality product but a lifestyle. That’s the core value of luxury brands, coming from their history, culture, positioning, and etc.  As a result, Burberry established its community through nearly all social networking platforms: Facebook page, twitter, youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ page. Apart from provide latest information on upcoming events, promotions, features, and fashion trends, social networking platforms may post some tutorials about the lifestyle.

Since Burberry joined Facebook in 2009, it has amassed 14 million fans. It boasts nearly 1.3 million Twitter, 610,709 Instagram, 24,794 Pinterest and 49,729 YouTube followers, not to mention nearly 11 million fans on its four Chinese social networks: Sina Weibo (a Twitter-like microblogging site), Douban (content site), Youku (video) and Kaixin001 (social).

The social media campaign of Burberry The Art of The trench, a living celebration of the Burberry trench coat and the people who wear it, create a new channel for Burberry community. As a vision of Burberry’s digital strategy – ‘Where anyone who wants to touch the brand can have access to it’, the site has received 7.5 million views from 150 different countries. Thanks to the site, Burberry Facebook group which linked directly to the site has increased its fan base to over a million.

Burberry - The Art of The Trench

  • Online Monitor System

The high quality online monitor system which can help to track the customer’s feedback and next activities is very important for luxury brands. It, in certain extent, benefits brands’ online reputation which is always the disaster for brands, especially for luxury ones as the image is the major component of their values. Thus, the quick and efficient response to customer’s feedback is not only part of customer service but also a managerial strategy of public relations. Burberry is an successful example for this topic.

  • Burberry Application

In order to satisfy the mobile clients, Burberry lunched its Burberry App. to promote all functions of their website with a social networking integration of Facebook and Twitter, Burberry’s corporative blog which offer designers trends and fashion tips is included. Users can have access to location based services to search local stores and outlets that sell Burberry products.

Burberry is the leader of digital marketing strategy in luxury industry. They always behave as an earlier mover. The carefulness is the key for the success of Burberry’s digital strategy, not only a great amount of money but also a time and human resource investment. The high-quality communication and engagement between brand and customers/clients through Internet, Burberry catches the opportunity and establishes relationship to a new generation.

Mengying YAO, M.I.S Alumni




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